From Breakin' To Breaking In

Justin Reynolds has never pigeonholed himself into one lane or category as Justin has always considered himself, first and foremost, an entertainer. Justin’s affinity for being an entertainer was derived from his diverse background as a dancer.

Mesmerized by the classic 1984 movie Breakin’ – which Justin kept on repeat on his TV as a kid – Justin’s love for dance took off, energizing his drive to become a great dancer. This newfound excitement in dance led Justin to join Pop Starz, a prominent youth dance group. Through Pop Starz, Justin performed with artists including Omarion, Ciara and Ashanti, cementing his love of dance.

Justin wasn’t just influenced by music. As a devoted student of mixed martial arts, dancing and a hard-core workout regimen, he would eventually consolidate all of those talents to become the dynamic entertainer and exceptional dancer he is today.

Heavily influenced by Justin Timberlake and trained by legendary choreographers including Brice Vick, Dave Scott, Shane Sparks, Wade Robinson, and Chris Judd, Justin has shown that he may be of the caliber of entertainer that Timberlake was in the early 00s. He looks to be the next generation’s Timberlake and only time will tell just how far he will rise.

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