The Sounds of Justin Reynolds

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Justin’s style and passion were influenced at a young age by several legendary artists including James Brown, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind & Fire, and Stevie Wonder. From these roots grew his music with the same brand of work ethic, passion, energy and showmanship of those legendary music icons. The foundations of Justin’s energy and determination to succeed are found in his unyielding drive which pushes him succeed, and impact of acclaimed music producers he has worked with on his journey. Those producers and experiences helped him find his own style and voice which has lead Justin into its own unique sound: a unique mix of R&B, Spanglish and Pop rarely heard today. This style can be seen in some of his latest creations, “Fuego,” and “No Sleep.” “Fuego” is a Spanglish-derived song that reflects his culturally diverse roots growing up in his native of Miami. “No Sleep” serves as a quiet reminder of Justin’s dedication to the craft as he works in the studio all day and night to make his music. It is also meant to inspire others as he is positioning himself to be one of the leaders of this ever-expanding genre of music. With Justin’s music and team of songwriters, he will look to not only fulfill some prophecies that he is indeed the next pop sensation, but take it to new levels. Get ready!

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